1. Cco61827

    Is something wrong with my new 2021 iMac 24”?

    I just received this iMac about 6 days ago. I ordered it officially through the Apple website. When I turned it on, the screen looked a little odd to me. Like there was too much light internal light shining through the display causing it to look overly bright and washed out in some areas. If...
  2. MonsterBryton

    iPad Pro Returned 2021 12.9 inch iPad Pro

    I recently returned my 12.9 inch due to blooming. I just couldn’t unsee it, I loved The iPad and the size. I know that blooming is normal, but if that is normal, I don’t want it. 1499 is a lot for a device and to see blooming on almost every YouTube video is not okay. I wasnt also going to risk...
  3. P

    Program Requires Password for every change and opening

    Hi, Please, don't give me a lecture on "the password fail-safe protects your system". Of course it does, I'm not stupid. It's annoying to have to keep typing in a password when all I want to do is change one small computer control. I coded my own system monitoring program. It monitors Ghz...
  4. M

    how can i change Mac OS Sierra's font back to Helvetica Neue

    hi everyone, Ive installed OS X Sierra on my hackintosh build. I wanted to use Yosemite but my computer does not support Yosemite. Its my first time using Sierra and I see changes (obviously) than what Yosemite had. the first thing I've noticed was the hideous looking font that looks bad on my...
  5. G

    How to record videos with IPhone and save it directly to PC?

    Hi all. I want to record myself while I djing and save footage straight to my PC. Obviously I do not want to spend too much money on external devices. Any advices much appreciated.
  6. M

    Apps - iPad as Computer

    Do you use your iPad (Pro) as your computer? What are your favorite, useful apps that make this possible? Email: Email - multiple email addresses; unified in box, use keyboard shortcuts Browsers: Chrome - sync bookmarks, more robust, request desktop site File Management: Writing...
  7. N

    Transfer videos off TV app to Macbook Pro

    Long time reader of macrumors, first time poster. So I'm trying to help my family member out. He had about 200 videos on his old Macbook that he transferred to his iPad (they went to his TV app). His Macbook decided to crap out on him and the Apple Genius bar said his data would be fine. When...
  8. Michelasso

    Controlling "Computer" music from iTunes/Notification Center widget?

    I barely manage to control the music played on my ATV4K by Computer app with my Mac. This is a picture of what I get: The song "Up and running" is playing, no artwork is shown (but usually that isn't an issue), the ATV appears as locked and the widget "In riproduzione" usually doesn't show...
  9. C

    Macbook 2011 motherboard replacement

    Hello, I have a MacBook Pro 2011 model, and the computer itself has the LED on button lighting up, but the screen itself and the startup noise is not happening. Is this meaning that my computer needs a motherboard replacement, or does it mean that I just need to get a new computer all together...
  10. G

    Hard Drive very slowly decreasing in space

    Hello,I am a new member here so hello to you all. I recently bought a 128GB MacBook Air and overall I am happy with my purchase. However, I notice that when doing everyday computing tasks like browsing the web and listening to music etc, that the hard drive space slowly decreases. My question...
  11. amelieocn

    Help please ! MagSafe 2 not working

    Hello everyone, Recently my MagSafe 2 charger has stopped working. As the cable isn't frayed and nothing else seems to be damaged, I was wondering if it could be linked to this white piece missing (see picture attached). My charger stopped working a couple days after that white piece fell off...
  12. R

    What mac is good for Unity Simple 3D FPS development

    Hi there, what would be the min spec of a mac that is required to build a simple 3D FPS game in Unity with a Macbook pro 2.7GHz Processor 128 GB Storage 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory 128GB PCIe-based flash storage1 Intel Iris Graphics 6100)...
  13. Braders88

    Post your iMac setup

    Good Evening Mac Community, Not really a question this time around, more of a request. I find it very interesting to see how others use their iMac for social/business on a daily basis. As for myself I will be posting my fairly old (but still kicking) iMac 09'. I will include the specs and...
  14. A

    Mac freezes and restarts

    So my mid 2012 13inch MacBook Pro keeps freezing and then restating. It's been occurring more frequently, and it makes it hard to do anything on my computer. I have recently installed new ram and a new hard drive (it started after the ram so I wonder if that's the issue?) I've attached an image...
  15. norahfields

    Switching from Mac to PC? Please help.

    I have no issue with wanting to use programs Mac doesn't support - i basically just use Sims, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and such. Problem is it runs them too slow! Playing Sims is a struggle and don't even get me started on high quality video editing in Final Cut Pro (i click something and it...
  16. dombarnard

    Apple TV computer streaming speed

    I have a 2nd Gen Apple TV, 2013 Macbook Pro and 2013 iMac. Streaming movies to ATV from my iTunes library is very quick from MacBook Pro when movies are imported to the internal SSD. I am intending to rip my entire collection onto an external HDD connected to the iMac via usb 3.0, index them...
  17. R

    Safari alert scam; Am I being watched and can I plug my phone into my computer?

    I got a pop up on my IPhone 6s saying I know this is a scam and I know not to call the number but I heard the hacker wants you to plug your phone into your computer so he can steal your information but I didn't call so can I plug my phone into my computer or can I never do that again? I also...
  18. J

    Price Advice APPLE ///

    I have 3 Apple /// Computers, mouse, keyboard, and monitors. Im curious if someone can tell me what they would be worth? Im trying to get rid of them as they are of no use to me. Can email pictures if needed
  19. E

    How good is Apple repair shop?

    Ive heard bunch of horror stories where people got their computers back even more damaged! How common is that? Tell me your experience/story! Did they fix it again? Any advice? What LOCATIONS should I avoid? (US)