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  1. R

    iPad Pro Dilemma with cracked iPad 10.5

    Hi everyone, I am a bit in a tricky situation and do not know what would be the best for me. My toddler threw my iPad 10.5 on the floor during a tantrum and cracked the whole screen. It is still functional and she is still able to watch videos on it, but I want to repair for many reasons. My...
  2. iSearch

    iPad 2 Won't Turn On

    My mother got an iPad 2 in early 2013 and used it until she got an iPad Air 2 in 2016. Around that time, she accidentally dropped the iPad 2 with a cheap case in front of our door step and it cracked the screen, but it still worked fine. After several months to a year, it just stopped turning...
  3. 9

    Imac cracked screen solution

    Hello I have recently purchased 2017 27 inch iMac. Long story short screen on the left side is kinda shattered. It doesn't affect usability but sure looks very very ugly. Are there any kind of wraps or stickers that could cover the cracked spot? I have seen several but they only cover the...
  4. LucasLand

    Can this iPad mini be repaired?

    been using my iPad mini 2 for well over a year with no problems, until a week ago. i took it out of my pocket and all this black liquid is leaking under the glass. the iPad still works fine and i can still tap on things fine even if it under the black liquid. i can see hairline cracks in glass...
  5. J

    I smashed my MacBook screen please help with a small problem!

    Hi guys, So basically, my MacBooks screen is smashed and I'm using it as a router to my ps4. So it picks up the wifi and then it's a wired Ethernet connection to my PlayStation 4. The problem is when I turn it on it connects to a different wifi that doesn't work properly. Is there a way to...