1. B

    I think I accidentally customized my keyboard

    Hoping I can get an answer here on how to correct an issue. I inadvertently customized my keyboard somehow for two words. Don't ask me how or when because I don't have a clue. Every single time I type 'kn' in the beginning of a word, my keyboard/system writes this: knknow Every single time I...
  2. Z

    the growing void for a smartphone UI geared for adult business professionals ?

    Pardon this rant but...... As of last week, I moved (not by choice) from an iPhone 6, running "8.2.something" to new shiny 6sPlus running 10.3.1. And… what an eye opener that was. 6’1” 210 lb guys shouldn’t cry, but sometimes it’s just that bad. I feel like I now need to run out and buy a shiny...
  3. R

    Resolved Correct icon file properties for Tiger?

    I got an old new iMac running the last version of Tiger that it just can. I’m having trouble figuring out what the correct format of app icons for Finder would be, because the behavior I now see appears somewhat inconsistent. I’m used to changing document and app icons in more recent OS systems...
  4. D

    iOS iOS Scale with API

    Hi Im not sure im posting the right place :) Does anyone know if there is a scale for weighing things that connect to iOS so i can integrate it to a app? Regards Determig
  5. wozmatic

    Can you get the music app iOS7 shortcut icons back?

    At the bottom of the Apple music app screen it shows: My Music | Playlists | Radio | Connect Radio and connect are two icons I never use nor intend to use. I just updated my iPhone 4 (iO7) to an iPhone 5C (iOS9) so this is a bit of a shock. Can you replace them with something like.. Songs...
  6. R

    After Graphics Repair Macbook Pro 15" Early 2011

    I bought my Macbook Pro 15" early Feb of 2011. Last year, I've customized it to a 1TB Hybrid Drive and 16gb RAM. Recently I had problems with it (gray screen no logo) and particularly on the graphics (distortion). Recently I ran into this Repair Extension Program...