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dedicated graphics

  1. R

    Performance of UHD630 & Seamlessness of GPU switching in MBP 16?

    To make a long story short, I'm contemplating on getting the 16-inch macbook pro or the soon to be released arm-based 13. As the current 16 relies on gpu switching, it has made me concerned about it general performance in day-to-day tasks. How well does the 16 perform in lighter loads (such as...
  2. rifanalam

    Macbook pro 15"(2018 model) overheating

    Hi, I have bought new 2018's macbook pro 15". I am facing overheat problem. I am using extra monitor for my work. I have captured my GPU history which is using AMD Radeon Pro 560 Always. I think that's why my macbook getting overheated. How can I fix it? And in About This Mac shows Radeon Pro...
  3. dosdude1

    MBP 1,1-10,2 Disable MacBook Pro 2011 15"/17" Dedicated GPU - SPI-ROM Modification

    I just thought I'd start this thread to announce a recent accidental discovery I made today -- a (possibly) PERMANENT solution to disable the dedicated video card in a 2011 15" or 17" MacBook Pro! Essentially, what needs to be done is the ME (Management Engine) region of your system's SPI ROM...