delete app

  1. F

    General iOS Shortcut—possible to delete an app?

    Does anyone with experience with iOS shortcuts know if it's possible to set up a shortcut that can help you automatically delete an app when triggered?
  2. R

    Removing file from trash

    I am trying to remove an item from the trash, I receive the message "The operation can’t be completed because the item “Resources” is in use." when I attempt the "Delete Immediately " option. It shows the item still in use but I can't seem to see how considering i have deleted the .app file. I...
  3. Dakotastar

    chrome dislike

    hi, new guy here. I've downloaded google chrome, on to my pro, and do not like it. How do I go about deleting all signs of it? I've tried dragging the icon to the trash, but this doesn't seem to be working. any info would be appreciated. thanks
  4. SportsPhan8

    iPod touch Deleting an app

    I'm planning on removing some apps on my iPod touch in order to make room. I'm removing Google Docs, but when I do so it says "deleting docs will also delete all of it's documents and data". If I delete the app, will it delete all of my files, too?