dell u2515h

  1. R

    Bootcamp update broke my system

    I just update the bootcamp drivers for the AMD card on my macbook pro mid 2015. Now I cant play anymore some games that until yesterday I could, in fullscreen mode. When I start the games my external Dell monitor goes black. I already tried changing the resolution or refresh rates within the...
  2. M

    HiDPI scaling on Dell U2515H - MacOS Sierra

    Hello everyone, I use a macbook pro (early 2013) in clamshell mode connected to a Dell U2515H (via displayport). This is a 1440p monitor. As discussed in threads before, it's very hard (/impossible?) to get 720p HiDPI working on MacOS Sierra. Does anyone know if there is a new fix or method to...
  3. ChoPraTs

    Anoying Problem with Dell U2715H and iMac Mid 2010. Incompatibles?

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a Dell U2715H monitor that I'm trying to use with my iMac 27" Mid 2010 and I'm getting a very annoying problem: the monitor starts to lost signal intermittently with its screen going black every few seconds, exactly as this video describes: The monitor seems...