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desktop picture

  1. GarryB

    Mac Studio – Wake from sleep – Desktop picture not stretching to fill Desktop

    On wake from sleep the Mac Studio's Desktop Picture is shown in actual resolution instead of stretched to fit screen. For example, a picture which is 2059 × 1371 is shown at that resolution on a Studio Display screen and so only fills about 60% of the screen area. It starts with the picture...
  2. Sovon Halder

    Photos App 'Set Desktop Picture' - degrades quality

    If I set a photo as a background image from the Photos App, the quality is degraded. For eg. a super high quality 5000x3000 13MB gradient image looks color banded when done in this way. But if it's set a background image from the file itself in Finder, it's perfect. What am I doing wrong here...
  3. Gamer9430

    Project: Complete Collection of Mac OS Wallpapers (UPDATED!)

    Original Post: So this isn't exactly PowerPC related, but being that this involves PPCs and that this community usually is open to helping out with fun stuff like this, I figured I'd post this thread here. I've always thought that it would be awesome to have a complete collection of every...