1. AjTee

    MacBook Pro 13 2017 - Apple Logo always dirty

    Hi all, I have a problem with Apple Logo on my MacBook Pro 13 (2017). It is always dirty and with smudges. When I clean it using microfibre cloth (already used a few types), logo is clean for a 10 minutes and then there appear some smudges and logo is a little bit misted (looks like there is...
  2. C

    Need to clean dirty aluminium casing of iMac

    Somehow I have managed to get pen marks (a roller ink) on my iMac at work, on the aluminium. Not to mention grubby finger marks. Feeling I should clean it soon before anyone notices… What is safe to use to clean the aluminium casing (to at least get off the dirty finger marks and smudges) and...