1. Sovon Halder

    Airpods Owners - Have you dropped them ear-pieces yet?

    I dropped the right airpod 4 times and the left one once, in the past 27 days - since I bought them on May'1 2017. Never dropped the case though. As for me, I dropped them while removing a shirt or while taking them off the case; all while I was indoor, all from about. 3 - 6 feet height. Not...
  2. Komodo271

    How much time left for my MacBook Pro 2012 Retina

    Hello, I just spent about 250$ to change the battery in my MacBook Pro mid-2012 Retina display and I'm wondering how much years my laptop will last. I'm using this laptop since 2012 and I handle it with care everyday. Is someone knows if MacBook Pro usually last several years? Thanks