dvd burner

  1. F

    MP 1,1-5,1 are the MP3,1 OEM optos slow to open and mount?

    they seem considerable slower than my MP1,1. the MP3,1 OEM are OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7170A
  2. M

    Need help burning DVDs with Any Video Converter

    Hey, all... I've run into a problem burning DVDs using Any Video Converter. I have an old MacBook Pro mid-2012 with a built-in DVD drive that I've always used for burning MP4s to DVD using AVC. I recently upgraded the MacBook's OS to Mojave and now the DVDs I burn won't play in any standalone...
  3. M

    Best removable media drive for photography with MBP?

    I have a late '16 MBP which I use for digital photography and want to add an external drive on which I can record hard copies of raw photographs and also video footage from Canon EOS system. I figure something with more capacity than DVD might be better. Other significant variables I will...
  4. A

    Burned DVD doesn't play on Magnavox

    I used the app Burn to burn a DVD from a single .mp4 file (which Burn converted to .mpg) in the "video" section using a DVD-Video format. I did change the setting to NTSC for America and am burning onto a DVD-R. When finished, the DVD plays on my Mac and on a DVD/VHS combo machine I have, but...
  5. T

    Cd/dvd drive recommendations

    Hi - recently bought a new iMac (exciting times as my previous one was rather old!) however went to load a cd into iTunes and duh! No cd/dvd drive! Which accessory do people recommend? The Apple one gets terrible reviews for being expensive and very slow. I don’t want to spend a fortune as I...
  6. Joseph1989

    What program to use to replace idvd?

    I have created a project in iMovie. I would like to burn it to a DVD to watch it there. I do not have iDVD. I understand I will need a third party app to do this. Who has (RECENT) experience doing this, and what app is recommended (most user-friendly)?I have found many results on Google, Toast...
  7. Patth9

    Need new Optical Drive - which one? #2

    Someone told me start a new thread on this topic, so here I am. Assuming the fellow who put up the pictures, is still in the neighborhood. This is the dead drive (burner) I have. Please compare.
  8. iulop

    Best mp3 cd burner software for ppc mac

    What is the best mp3 cd burner for a powermac g4 ? I am currently running mac os 10.5 leopard .
  9. J

    Need Replacement for Roxio Toast Titanium 15

    I need a replacement for Roxio Toast Titanium 15 to burn photo dvd's that are compatible for Mac or PC. I have used Toast on my older 27 IMac running El Capitan without any problems. My new IMac purchased in November of 2016 running Sierra will not run the latest version of Roxio. I need a...
  10. wardtree

    Anyone else dissatisfied with the new MBPs?

    I am going back to an earlier version of the Macbook Pro, because my current one (2014 Retina) does not have the built-in CD/DVD player. I had to buy an auxiliary from Apple, for uploading my music and watching movies whilst traveling. This requires much more room to pack for travel, and also...
  11. T

    Final Cut Pro X Question!

    Does anyone know if you have a VERY video editing in Final Cut Pro X, can you select a certain section to burn to a DVD? I only ask because I have a VERY long video that is too long for 1 DVD and I don't have enough space to save a video file in the high quality I want. So I want to split the...