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dvd player

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    How to Play DVD folder files with no VIDEO_TS folder

    Hi I stored the files on my computer from a DVD I wanted to keep digitally, but it has no VIDEO_TS or AUDIO_TS folder - It just has the individual .BUP .IFO and .VOB files. I thought I had managed to play all the DVD videos in sequence with VLC previously but I don't seem to be able to do so...
  2. W

    Play region 1 DVDs in optical slot 1 and region 2 DVDs in slot 2?

    I'm expecting that after playing region 2 - Europe DVDs about 5 or 6 times in my cMP 5.1, the drive will lock to that region. What I'm wondering is if the second drive will automatically lock to the same region, or will I be able to play region 1 - N America DVDs in that one (where the computer...
  3. L

    Help with Screen Saver

    Is there any way I can haver the old DVD screen saver for my Mac? You know, the one that used to be on the old DVD players that had the color changing cube that bounced around the screen, and every once in a while, it would hit the corner. Is there any way I can download that for my Mac? Please...