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  1. MrMoris

    Apple Music with Alexa

    Hey, I just received a new Amazon Echo and therefore I had to switch to Spotify. Honestly, I really miss Apple Music, because it works much better, has better music recommendation, cheaper, and includes lyrics to every song. I was wondering if you think Apple Music will ever be supported using...
  2. dawindmg08

    Headphone output for USB mic (to avoid echo)?

    Hi all, I occasionally help my wife record VO demos and jobs in our home and I'm looking for advice on a particular bit of gear: I use a USB mic and Adobe Audition to record the VO. The mic is pretty good but it doesn't have it's own headphone jack; when I patch the output from Audition...
  3. Y

    Mac Automator Shell arguments for a Service

    What should I use instead of "echo" to pass the URL to a terminal program?
  4. daijholt

    Other iPhone + Amazon Echo = Siri Speaker?

    So there's plenty of rumours about the upcoming Siri Home speaker. I'll likely get one of these if/when they become official anyway, but I was wondering if there's a way to build my own using my iPhone, and connecting to an Amazon Echo Dot via bluetooth? Here's my vision: I connect my iPhone...
  5. S

    Hey Siri + Bluetooth = Amazon Echo?

    Im in the process of setting up some home automation and have been weighing the pros and cons of Siri vs Alexa. Currently running Homebridge on my raspberry Pi to control my nest, kwikset lock, and wemo lights. I now see Alexa can control wemo switches so considered switching to that until I had...