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efi rom

  1. parisinvest

    iMac 2011 27" Radeon 6970M 2048MB EFI Rom

    hi guys, it's was my first time to have an original 2048MB ram video card on an iMac 2011, model amd radeon hd 6970M, it did has a boot screen and start menu, so grab its' rom and share it here, for someone who can use it to flash the dell pc cards, have fun, Daniel
  2. Rastafabi

    Resolved No graphics output on EFI NVIDIA, only on AMD

    Hello Community! I am experiencing a very strange issue. I did not even find anything similar on the web, though this does not necessarily mean anything ;) I managed to get an Mac Pro in original condition for a very convenient price. Mac Pro 4,1 - ATI 5770 - 16GB Ram... I did flash it to a...
  3. haralds

    Latest EFI Upgrade did not break (formerly might have broken) PCIE Disk Controllers

    My system is pretty fully loaded with two CalDigit FASTA 6-GU3 Pros connected to 2 internal SSDs internally each as well as connecting to two external docks. This configuration has been in use for 4 years and very stable. After applying the EFI patch the system started becoming unstable. No...