1. E

    CarPlay 2018 Nissan Leaf apple carplay is SLOW after ios 13 update

    Hello, New to this forum here and would appreciate anyone's input. My Leaf's carplay was working perfect before the new IOS update but since updating to ios 13.1, when I plug in my phone, carplay is absolutely slow and freezing. Can't even load maps or make a call or play music. I tried...
  2. maketheone

    How to save electricity and life in hurricane?

    “Harvey” hurricane struck the southeast Texas few days ago and “Irma” just came on its heels. The desperate residents in the city are still struggling with food and water ahead of the severe flooding. How to help the city back to normal is the cardinal task for Houston Mayor and also the rest of...
  3. Cwolk

    Tesla Model 3

    So, what do you all think of it? How about the event? Does anyone strongly dislike it? Personally, I love the design of the car. I think it'll be a big success, although end of 2017 shipping is a problem; other manufacturers can catch up and there will be more competition. As to the event...