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  1. madrich

    Solid State Drive erasure

    I read the following, " an SSD cannot be securely erased. When Disk Utility tries to write data over the entire drive, the SSD’s firmware will write that data where it chooses, and that may mean that some portions of the SSD remain unerased, and thus may contain recoverable data. If you have...
  2. L

    Erase and Start Fresh... without losing data.

    Hi! I'm wondering if someone can help me figure out if there is a way to erase all content on my iPhone and start as new, but load the saved game data and app data without losing any data for anything on my iPhone. Any and all information would be helpful. Thanks, Mark
  3. 0

    Can Thunderbolt pass ATA commands to attached HDDs?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a SATA drive connected via an eSATA adapter to a Thunderbolt port can successfully receive and act upon ATA commands? So: SATA -> eSATA -> Thunderbolt -> MacBook Pro. I'm primarily thinking of using the Sanitize Device command.
  4. M

    Removing info from iPad Air before selling.

    Can anyone advise the latest information on what to do regarding removing personal information, erasing and resetting an iPad Air before selling please? I have found this Apple Support link: but I seem to recall something before to do with iMessage as...