1. Shrink

    National Coffee Month

    I have no idea who comes up with this silliness (it could be me, for all I know:p), but there it is...National Coffee the US! So to all you coffee freaks out is required that during this month that you get wired to the eyeballs! Enjoy your coffee!:D Source
  2. Shrink

    National Coffee Day!

    Not I that would really care, but I'm sure some of those coffee snobs out there are probably making a big fuss over it. You know, the one's who are always talking about how coffee has to be fresh, and all the espresso nit picking stuff. For me, just a jar of cheap supermarket instant...
  3. eric/

    Espresso Enthusiasts

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  4. Shrink

    Espresso Freaks: Solution To A Problem Nobody Asked About

    OK, first a caveat: this is only for the other sickies out there who have gone around the bend with I have. The Problem: Getting the filter basket out of the portafilter. I have a portafilter with a spring around the internal circumference of the place where the filter basket...