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  1. Apple fanboy

    The Photography Show 2018 Birmingham UK

    Hi All Anyone coming along to TPS next weekend? I'm there working, but I'd like to nip off stand to see if I can spend my bonus money! See if I can expand my Lee filters collection maybe. If you've there pop along and say high.
  2. Apple fanboy

    Camera world Live event London.

    Anybody going on Saturday? I've just found out I'll be working on Friday. If anyones there pop by and say hello.
  3. Apple fanboy

    The Photography show 2017 at the NEC UK

    Anybody going this year? 18th-21st March I'll be working but if any of you guys want to pop over and say hello it's always nice to put a face to a name. Could maybe arrange for a meet up after the show if you're in the area? Can't do the Tuesday as I'll be packing up, but maybe one of the other...