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  1. I

    Time Capsule disk into exFat

    Hi, i have a Apple Time Capsule with 3 TB hard drive. I want to backup my videos and movies to time capsule, but it hard drive in FAT32 and i can't store files larger than 4 GB. Сan i format it into exFat? Please help.
  2. techno_telemann

    iPod How do I reformat a 6th gen iPod Classic to FAT32 on Mac?

    Trying to install Rockbox on my iPod using this guide for Mac. How can I accomplish this on Mac?

    Disk Utility - Formatting MS-DOS FAT

    Hi, I have a 6TB WD External Elements drive and it was formatted to NTFS. I need to format the drive to Fat32 and so I tried doing this but after reformatting it to Fat32 it shows that 4.4TB is used and 1.6TB is free and I cannot figure out why. I have not partition the drive at all. And no...
  4. Y

    SD Card Won't Mount, And Shows Up In Disk Utility As Full! Help!

    So I wanted to set up my SD card to run Retropie on my Raspberry Pi 2. I started by mounting it and trying to put the OS on there with Apple Pi baker. Well, I started it and apple Pi baker was stuck on some "Finding Recipe" after I started it running the install of Retropie. The only fix I could...
  5. H

    Adding Fat32 partition to startup volume

    Hi everyody, I am currently in the process of creating a 30gb Fat32 partition on my macbook pro. And it has been running for two hours already, which is making me quite anxious, as the screen is frozen at the same time. The mouse cursor can still be moved, however everything else is frozen...
  6. organicCPU

    Mac shell - arrange images by inode numbers

    Overview: How can I edit the inode number (ls -i /path/to/file) of certain files after file creation on a FAT-32 filesystem? Why I'd like to do this: During the holiday season I encountered a problem with jpg images on USB flash drives showing up in some weird order on a Philips TV. After all...
  7. R

    I can copy +2 GB files in Fat32 in Mac OS High Sierra

    I am in the last beta of High Sierra (Golden Master doesn't appears me to download it), and until I updated to beta of High Sierra I can copy any files that have more than 2 gb in my fat32 external drives. With Sierra I don't have this bug, I report it to Apple but... Silence. I try to install...
  8. R

    Drive sharing between MAC and WINDOWS

    Hi All, This is my very first post, and hope it is appropriate for this part of the Forum. I needed to upgrade from my old windows Desktop & Laptop Windows 10 PC's and decided to take the plunge and go for a top of the range MacBook Pro to hopefully replace both systems. I'm relatively happy...