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file system

  1. Populus

    Most versatile HDD File System

    Hello. I've been struggling for many years to choose a file format that suits best an external Hard Drive that is aimed to be read not only by macOS and iOS, but also by my TV, which has USB connectors. All my external hard drives are now formatted with the APFS file system, except this 2TB...
  2. jwatters579

    Running Catalina on Main Machine

    I was wondering how stable it is to run Catalina on a main machine? I have an updated Time Machine (running Mojave) but, it is not in a HFS format (the backup). Can I install Catalina and have all my current files on there (from Mojave) without an issue?
  3. L

    All iPads All Things iPadOS File System Thread

    What does everyone think? Some time back it was rumoured that we'd see enhanced functionality with the USB-C port, and many took that to mean we'll be able to use external storage. After Gurman's roundup of iOS 13 features, which made no mention of it, it seems talk of this feature (if we can...
  4. organicCPU

    Mac shell - arrange images by inode numbers

    Overview: How can I edit the inode number (ls -i /path/to/file) of certain files after file creation on a FAT-32 filesystem? Why I'd like to do this: During the holiday season I encountered a problem with jpg images on USB flash drives showing up in some weird order on a Philips TV. After all...
  5. M

    macOS Sierra with new File System? Resize Partition

    I heard that the new macOS Sierra has a new File System? Is that true? Not the Not the HFS+ anymore. But after installation of macOS Sierra, there seems to be just HFS+ as usual. Shows "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". Hared that is should be easy to extend an existing partition. But how?