1. D

    Find My Mac/iPhone Extra Devices

    Has anyone besides myself seen devices in Find My Mac/iPhone that you do not own? I've recently had a MacBook model that I haven't owned in years show up in Find My Mac/iPhone. I don't even know nor can I tell that it was previously owned by me. I haven't owned this particular model in over...
  2. CRisEPIC

    Can someone find this iMac Pro wallpaper

    ive been looking everywhere for it with no luck even with the imac release its nowhere to be found maybe someone has better luck pls help
  3. Z

    finding my stolen iPhone

    How can i track my iPhone6S+ or iPad2017 in case it gets stolen?
  4. A

    I'm lost... no wait it's lost (my folder)

    I'm new to the mac anything so be kind... I selected a whole bunch of stuff and created a folder with the selection. I cannot find the folder. when I search in spotlight I can find it. How do I find it otherwise? I saved five of them and obviously cannot remember two of the names now because...
  5. blakespot

    Those of us trying to find a Switch...

    Hey folks. I decided the night before the Switch launch that I want one (or want Zelda, in particular), and so I am trying to acquire a unit. I'm hoping this can be a back and forth with others trying to do the same, as far as suggestions as to who is getting shipments and when, etc. I'm in...