1. Stephen.Trae

    Apps Activity Friends (Add?)

    With me getting S4 soon. I thought it would be pretty cool to find people to compete and share with workout goals with. If you’re interested feel free to comment down below!
  2. M

    Find my Friends Confusion

    Hi there, I am wondering if anyone can help me out as to why find my friends stopped sharing my friends location. my friend shared their location with me, and I was able to see it, then one day this message popped up, but i was only able to see it on my MacBook and not my iPhone. i had...
  3. S

    Autocorrect messes up name links on facebook

    Anyone have this problem on iPhone? When trying to type a friend's name in a post on facebook so that the name actually links to their profile, auto correct seems to scramble their name into gibberish.
  4. B

    Friends feature in Apple Music (iOS 11) not showing up??

    Hey there. I’ve been enjoying the friends feature on Apple Music since the latest release of iTunes last week, and it was the first thing I looked for on my iPhone after installing iOS 11. Was it left out of 11.0 for some reason? All blogs and news sites still mention the feature, and it’s...
  5. H

    Universal Planet of Cubes Survival Games

    Greetings guys! I want to represent you Planet of Cubes - Real-Time Multiplayer block building Game with thousands of players online in the MASSIVE open world made of cubes and blocks. Make new friends, find and mine resources, build and craft! Create your own team and build your base with...
  6. I

    Enjoy Minded - make new friends around you

    Hi all, I have just released the Enjoy Minded app on the UK App Store. Download on the UK App Store With Enjoy Minded it’s never been easier to make new friends when you’ve moved to a new place or just want to meet some new people around you! Suggestions are really, really welcome! I hope...
  7. ironmarble

    Universal Deck Of Cards - Multiplayer Playing Cards

    We've just recently released our app Deck Of Cards, a mobile app that allows you to play any card game on the mobile phone with your friends. It replaces the need for carrying around a physical deck of cards, and also has some other benefits! Features: Multiplayer up to 8 players Automatic...
  8. Twinfie

    Introducing Twinfie

    Hello folks, I would like to introduce Twinfie, it's an iOS app which let's you take synchronized selfies with friends no matter the physical distance. Guaranteed to bring a smile on your face everytime. You can see an intro video here: Download on App store here...