1. G

    iMac Purchase Advice

    Existing iMac user, looking to move from my late 2013 iMac 21.5 to a new retina one so I'm after some advice from you knowledgeable folks on which one. My tasks generally are photography using Photos (it's okay for what I need), home video editing on iMovie, general browsing and work with some...
  2. colofdurty

    Windows 7 on an MBpro 2k10 with gfx Problems?

    Hey, is there a way to install Windows 7 on an 2k10 MBpro with the gfx Problems? Becouse u cant deactivate the Nvidia Card when ur installing? Thanks for helping
  3. M

    Dual 4K@60Hz GFX Card for Mac Pro

    Hello, I have been reading through threads all morning and think I almost have things figured out. Just have a couple of questions to conform things and a couple more to to see if there is an answer that I haven't found yet. I'm running a Mac Pro 5,1 with 10.13, and looking to buy two LG...