google calendar

  1. S

    iCloud Not Receiving Google Calendar Invites

    Hi folks. Here's an issue I think others may also run into. I use iCloud as my primary calendar. I don't use Google Calendar at all, though I used to. My iCloud account username/email is my Gmail address. When a Gmail / Google Calendar user tries to invite me to a calendar event, I don't...
  2. H

    iPhone SE Sync iOS calendar with Google Calendar

    For years now I've been an Android user (yeah, I know...) and now my new employer gave me an iPhone (5 SE) for business use. Although I prefer Android, company policy is that only iPhones are issued. In my Google account (that I have for private use) I have two separate calendars: private and...
  3. pacorob

    Calendar app that indicates distance time to appointment

    I was looking into a way to show the distance time to a certain appointment from my current location or from the previous appointment, should be an option to choose I think. There is ofcourse the Apple Calendar app which also supports Google Calendar. I've read that it only works with iCloud...