gpu flash

  1. cococheaf

    Resolved cMP51: MacVidCards GTX1070 MacEFI not bootable in Bootcamp CSM Mode

    Hi, I found out that i am not able to install a displaydriver in windows 10 other than the microsoft basic display adapter driver when using a MacVidCards MacEFI flashed GTX1070 in Bootcamp legacy. I just wanted to know, if anyone hase the same problem or not and maybe get some infos what is...
  2. L

    Resolved gpu efi flash on PC

    hi everybody, seems my gpu died (hd 4780 1gig) yesterday so im looking for a cheap way to replace it. my question. is it possible to flash a gpu for macpro usage on a PC running win7? googled this for an hour, no success... im using my mac for Audio only so i guess gpu power isnt that...