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group facetime

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    iPhone XS FaceTime is answering my phone without my permission

    Hey everyone, Had some of my coworkers find this issue and tried it with my iPhone Xs, figured I would post it here. If person A facetimes person B, person A can add person C to the facetime (group facetime) before person B accepts the call. This will cause person B to accept the call anyway...
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    iPhone 6(S)(+) Can someone confirm if Group FaceTime works on iPhone 6, SE, 5s?

    I have just tested this with some friends with an iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and it works great, but not sure if it will work with other users with iPhone 6, 5 SE, 5s. Would be great to know. Please share your experience.
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    Other Group FaceTime unsupported in iPhone 6 and lower?

    With Group FaceTime in iOS 12 I read that it won’t work on iPhone 6 and previous models and that you can only do audio? This is a really disappointing if it’s true.