1. S

    Messages question (your name was mentioned)

    Anyone know why I get a popup on my macbook pro saying "your name was mentioned in this chat" every time I receive a new message on a group chat in Messages even if my name is not actually mentioned? What is this feature supposed to do? If it's supposed to actually let me know my name was...
  2. M

    Group FaceTime duplicating participants

    hi, Having a weird issue in which I start a Group FaceTime on 12.1 just released and some participants show in video and as a box with their initials... what’s causing this as it’s really annoying?? I hope someone knows the answer!!!
  3. 2

    Group FaceTime on iOS and macOS

    In the September keynote event, they demo'd Group Facetime and said that you can have a mix of audio and video, not everyone has to be using the same. I tried doing a multi user group facetime audio, but it seems to bring up facetime video. Has anyone here successfully started a group facetime...
  4. 2

    Group FaceTime is back in 10.14.1!

    This is awesome news!
  5. 2

    Group facetime is awesome!

    I just tried it out and really love it! Wow, this is going to be a really awesome feature. Don't really need google hangouts or facebook messenger anymore to have group calls. I hope they bring in more features to group facetime such as camera effects, memoji/animoji support, etc. Really loving...
  6. S

    Does Mail group emails in a thread even if the subject is similar and not exact?

    What rules does Mail use to group email messages in a thread? I like using threaded conversation but here's the problem I'm having: My company sends me work requests which I reply to. They are always from the same sender. The subject line is similar but not exact. It always starts with "Work...
  7. HereIsTom

    Contacts and groups?

    Hello, I want to delete some groups in my Contacts, but it’s not possible on the iPhone? And I can’t get Contacts on
  8. macnerd77

    Any group chats during the live stream? KIK?

    I am looking for a group live chat on KIK or any app to discuss things during the live steam tomorrow.
  9. jglove42

    Secretly leave imessage group?

    I know how to "Leave this conversation", but there has got to be a way to do it without it leaving a notification that you have left. I'd like to leave this group chat (an annoying family one) without anyone seeing that I obviously left. And before you tell me "well they can just look at the...
  10. R

    Project management solutions for 5-10 people?

    Hello! I'm looking for suggestions regarding project management software/service. We are a group of 5 architecture students, who need a way to chat and send messages, and also upload files in multiple iterations to a common folder, comment on them etc., and have some sort of a calendar/timeline...