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  1. Hotshoe

    MP 7,1 W5700X: HEVC/H.265 10-bit Performance / Canon EOS-R5

    Interesting video: The video shows Mac Pro 7.1 w/ Vega II getting trounced by an iPad while scrubbing the HQ Canon footage. Anybody out there with W5700X and just released EOS-R5? I'm curious to know if W5700X makes a difference. In theory, I believe it should since based on the newer NAVI...
  2. C

    HEVC Hardware Acceleration - GPU Support

    Can anyone confirm if OS X will detect and enable h265 hardware acceleration in Polaris GPUs in a 5,1 mac pro? The cards support it but wasn't sure if OS X will leverage the card or if it is only for Kabby Lake CPUs. Thanks!
  3. itdk92

    Mac Pro 5.1 + 10.13 + nvidia Max/Pascal = H265 hardware acceleration?

    Hi there I am just wondering if anybody tested whether an Nvidia 9XX series or 10XX series provide hardware HEVC H265 acceleration on the Mac Pro 5.1 under MacOS 10.13 High Sierra (beta)? These cards should have hardware accelerated transcoding.. Or is this hardware acceleration Apple talks...
  4. 0

    iOS 11 & HEVC/H.265?

    So they announced that iPhone 7 could now save videos in H.265. What they didn't really mention is what happens when you send this video to someone else on a different device? Have all 64 bit devices had H265 enabled, or does the iPhone 7 now convert it to H.264 before sending? Anyone care to try?
  5. L

    H265 playback

    Anyway to play h265 videos smoothly?