1. torvan

    Woo Hoo!! New to me Quicksilver 2002

    I am thrilled about my new-to-me Quicksilver 2002 I got for a song! Brand new in the box even--nary a scratch and all items in it were still wrapped and sealed! It was never even opened! Now to figure a way to get it to connect to my LG IPS Ultrawide 34" monitor using a DVI to HDMI adapter.. ...
  2. JosepPont

    Mi MBP 16 inch just arrived. I'm happy. No issues

    Hi everyone. I was one that follow this forum when the rumors about the 16 inch grow up in October. You people made the wait much more enjoyable, thanks. I posted some comments in some related threads that I was so nervous and with no hope the machine was released this year but...but November...
  3. A

    iPhone Escape Happy Holi

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/escape-happy-holi/id1217725931?ls=1&mt=8 Escape Happy Holi is a free online games to play from ajazgames. holi is colourful day celebration happens on every year in India, its the story of krishna legend, in Barj region of India, where hindu deity Krishna grew...