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hard disk upgrade

  1. K

    Teach old mac new tricks?

    I just bought a mid 2007 20" iMac just to play around with and get back into using a mac. Had i known that it wouldn't be able to upgrade to Mojave i'd would've gotten a new one, didn't really pay attention. Anyway i was wondering if there was anyway to get a new hard drive or upgrade my...
  2. haravikk

    4+ Bay 2.5" Drive Enclosures?

    So it's that time again when I'm reevaluating my storage setup, but unfortunately I seem to be in quite a niche area; I need high capacity, directly attached storage, but would like it to be as compact as possible. Currently I have two external, bus-powered 2tb USB 3 drives for a 4tb main...
  3. K

    Imac 27 5k ssd upgrade

    Hi everyone, I just bought an used 2015 27' 5k Imac with 1tb fusion drive. I'd like to upgrade the Imac with an internal SSD, is it worth to replace the mechanical drive with the ssd and leave the original 24gb ssd in place? Should the speed be improved? I'm mainly working on lightroom CC and...
  4. C

    Late 2013 SSD flash mem adapter to MSata?

    Is there an adapter out there that can convert to MSata considering the msata drives are a lot cheaper and faster than the apple flash memory. Take a look at pins below.
  5. Salaryman Ryan

    Hard disk upgrade advice for iMac server

    Hi folks! I have an old early 2009 iMac that I have successfully used as a home server for a couple of years and wish to continue to use it for more years to come. Unfortunately the hard disk failed just a week ago and I'm now in the market for a new 3.5 drive. (This is my second disk failure, I...