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hdd access

  1. A

    MacBook Pro 2011 Logic Board Issue

    Hello, I have MacBook Pro 2011 and after the logic board problem I can't log to my MBP ! I have very important data on it! Now I have a PC with windows 10 how I can get my data again ? Note: The MBP had a password when it was work properly. Thank you.
  2. eranbeard

    External hard drive volume disappeared

    My set up as background: Macbook Pro (late 2015 13" top spec) with latest OS Connected to Thunderbolt display 2 external WD My Passport hard drives connected to display I use 'Mountain app' to dismount the drives before unplugging Up until yesterday I used one of the My Passports as my main...
  3. J

    MacBook Pro HDD & SSD combo

    Hello everyone!! I have a Macbook Pro Mid 2013 with 750gb HDD and a CD drive. I wanted my make my computer faster so I was thinking about switching out my CD drive with a SSD. Had a question on this mini project. 1. Is there a way to run both HDD and SDD at the same time? I want to run the...
  4. basilt

    Howto link G5 & Macpro and 1 display to access data

    Hello, I need to use my PPC G5 2ghz machine and my recently bought macpro 1.1. (2.1) with osx lion (insofar) to access Internal hdd data, usually photos etc, on various hard drives installed in these machines, so i can synchronise them manually. I have 1 monitor only. How can i connect my i.e...
  5. K

    OSX constantly accessing Backup HD

    iMac 5k, 10.11.3, Time Machine Off, TimeMachineEditor I have a USB HDD dedicated only for my backups, nothing else. TimeMachineEditor has been set to: Interval, back up once per day, do not back up between 11pm and 8am. Time Machine is set to OFF (I assume the TimeMachineEditor does that). For...