1. N

    Hide Other Windows Permanently?

    Never mind
  2. L

    Vanish - Hide/Close inactive apps

    Hello! I've made an inactive apps manager app called Vanish. Vanish can hide or close inactive apps after a set period of time. You can set the option to hide or close for each individual app and you can disable hiding/closing for each app as well. Vanish can also close apps after closing the...
  3. Kaikidan

    Has anyone used this app, Vanilla?

    Today I was watching snazzy labs video about Mac apps, and he mentioned Vanilla, it's basically Bartender a little more simpler but at least free, if you just want to uncluttter the taskbar it does the job, or if you know any other app that does the with more functions (and free) I`m open to...
  4. flusher

    Universal FaceBlur photo editor

    APPSTORE LINK FaceBlur allows you to blur out faces with just one tap of a button. And more! Blur out sensitive information on your documents or screenshots, license plate of the car you selling, odd people on your selfie or unnecessary product trademarks. Get your privacy a boost using simple...
  5. Avenged110

    Hiding Finder Sidebar with AppleScript

    So I'm trying to set up an AppleScript to open a single Finder window with specific view properties and it's working fine, except I can't hide the sidebar. The only instructions I've found online mention using "set sidebar width to 0" but this returns an error in Mavericks. I'm new to...
  6. RichardF

    Music App: show music on my phone (not online) only?

    I spent some time reading through older threads and posts. At the time of my posting this thread, Apple still haven't given us back the ability to only show the music I have on my phone. 1) Anyone knows how to if indeed it is possible again (used to be)? 2) Delete/ hide in bulk music that's...
  7. Laryl

    photo albums I don't want, can I hide them?

    iPhone7 .. These photo albums that are forced on us; Places, People .. Is there any way to hide them? I like the album view but wish those folders weren't taking up half the screen. I just wish I could delete them or rearrange in Album view to push them to the bottom. Any tips?
  8. E

    can Files or Folders be HIDDEN on a Mac ?

    is there any way to HIDE a file or folder on a Mac ? on a PC I can right-click any file or folder and select it to be Hidden. How can I do this on a mac ? Thanks