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  1. G

    2016 Macbook Pro 13" w/ Touchbar - horizontal line "glitches" on screen - known issue?

    Tried searching but found nothing on the internet. A few times a day, my 2016 Macbook Pro 13" with Touchbar (8/512) will show this horizontal line on the screen, one line about 0.5-1" tall, for less than one second. I can't get a picture of it because it's too rare and disappears too quickly...
  2. zimzalabims

    Black Stripe Screen Problem after Mojave update (MBP 13” 2017)

    Now there’s a weird black horizontal stripe on the bottom of the screen, infront the bottom half of the deck. But when I took a screenshot of it, it doesn’t shows on the screenshot. Anybody having the same issue?
  3. SegPip

    iPhone Is Landscape (horizontal) FaceID a hardware or software issue?

    Any iPhone X owner knows how frustrating it is when their phone is landscape orientation and you must rotate your phone to unlock with your face! I was wondering if this is a definite hardware issue (meaning it would be introduced as a feature of a new generation of iPhone) or COULD this be a...