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  1. S

    Easy way to make a Apple Mail HTML Signature?

    Hello, was wondering if anyone knows a easy way to make a html signature in Apple Mail. I have a big problem with Apple Mail. So I made my signature (non html, just plain text plus image) in the signature menu but the picture goes missing whenever I send emails with an attachment. Sometimes...
  2. S

    Inspecting CSS and HTML on iOS

    Does anyone use iOS solely for development? If you do, how do you debug CSS and HTML? I know you can debug remotely by enabling settings and connecting the iOS device to a Mac with a cable, but what do you do if you can’t do that and need to debug on the device itself? I’ve found some apps but...
  3. Adam1988

    Resolved What is better to do HTML or CSS? iPad Pro or Macbook Pro?

    Hello Everyone! :) I got an iMac 21.5" Mid 2010. But i am looking for portability this time...:( Well, i will start school soon for fall 2018 and get some coding classes, mainly HTML & CSS. The reason for this thread is because i want to get a new device to be portable and durable for many...
  4. Zedcars

    How to Initially Hide Element on First Page Load?

    Hello, I'm trying to code the creation of 'sticky notes' on a webpage with a contextual menu right-click option. I nearly have it working, but there are a couple of things I cannot seem to figure out (I've been trying for a couple of weeks now!). I'm very new to web development (beginner...
  5. Phoenix_E

    macOS Need help with applescript

    I had an applescript that used to work but now it no longer does. I'm not sure what's wrong with it but if someone could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated. Everytime I run this it returns "msng" and i can't figure out how to fix it. tell application "Safari" quit end tell set...
  6. Strider64

    Trivia Intoxication

    I have been developing a trivia game written in vanilla javascript that also incorporates Ajax and PHP into the mix. Here's the link: I also have a github page where I have been sharing the files...
  7. App Tyrant

    Raw Dog XML Viewer on the Mac App Store

    Here to tell the community about Raw Dog XML Viewer on the Mac App Store. Raw Dog XML Viewer is a Developer Tool that allows you to easily inspect an XML file. You can drill through an XML file quickly node by node, using the document outline in the sidebar. Features: –View XML files...
  8. S

    Rolling Question Thread

    Hi, I'm learning web development for fun and wanted to make a thread and ask some questions as I go along. I've already completed a lot of code academy's html and css training and I'm not new to programming in general. So to start with, I was wondering if anybody could explain or walk me...
  9. F

    TextEdit HTML IMG tag problem

    I am having a problem using TextEdit (V1.10) to edit HTML for my website. I am writing an HTML index page from scratch using HTML code. All of my text and background colours etc. are working fine. When I add a new IMG tag in this code the images will not display on the webpage when opened in...
  10. DrMotownMac

    Suggestions for BEGINNING to learn Web Development

    First, I apologize for the length of this post, but I think it's important to understand where I'm coming from and what I'm trying to accomplish before you offer suggestions. Now I know this is an ambitious undertaking, but I have it set in my head that I can do this and I think that some of...
  11. M

    Bulk Convert HTML Files to PDF

    I have a bunch of .html files saved to my computer that I would like to convert to PDFs. Is there an easy way to do this? I've done a bunch of research and have yet to come across an elegant solution.
  12. Strider64

    Redesigning My Website

    I have been slowly been slowly redesigning/redeveloping my website and the reason for the slow development is due to personal matters that I'm not going to go into. I though hopefully will be speeding up my progress over the next couple weeks/months though I have learn to take one day at a time...