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  1. G

    Powered Docking Stations And Hubs not powering the MacBook Pro

    Hi everyone. Here is quite the newb question - sorry if this has already been answered. I'm currently looking for the best powered docking station and/or hub for my MacBook Air M1 and my MacBook Pro M1 Pro. But here is the twist : I don't want it to power my MacBooks. At all. I just want it...
  2. M

    Adapters/Hubs/Docks for MacBook Air M1 2020

    Hi, I recently got the MacBook Air M1 and I need a RG45 and USB-A connection (better a few and is it charge the apple products?) I saw on the internet Hubs, Adapters, Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station that can connect to TYPE-C. I read that some of them suddenly the inputs don't work correctly...
  3. S

    HomeKit Homekit Flaws

    So I have Phillips hue and I love it. Im eating to get a motion sensor to control them and I was looking for the cheapest HomeKit compatible motion sensor and I came across the Aqara Human Body sensor which seems perfect. However, after doing some reasrech it transpires I need to buy there hub...
  4. Marinier

    Thunderbolt 3 hub (SD, 3 usb, hdmi, Ethernet) connected to MacBook Pro 13 2019 4TB gets 60-70C hot.

    I have recently purchased a Dynamode (8 in 1 hub) to use my quite old Samsung SymcMaster 21" external display. It is connected to my hub via DVI-HDMI cable. It has 2 types of SD cards, 3 USB 3.1, 1 Ethernet up to 1 Gbit, HDMI and USB-C power port. As soon as I connect hub to MacBook the...