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  1. Z

    a hyperlink on an .ai file

    Is is possible to place a hyperlink (, on the text "Sales" ?
  2. modene1

    WhatsApp with clickable Image

    Hi folks, I've created this small .png and wish to make it a hyperlink that opens I need this to be self-contained such that I can just post it directly into WhatsApp (web). I don't mind if the whole image is the hyperlink or a portion of it. Ideally it should...
  3. Q

    How to batch edit the hyperlinks *inside* of words/phrases in a rich-text document?

    Hey everyone, The following example is entirely hypothetical. Let's say I keep a large list of historical events in a rich-text document with the following pattern: *Historical event* | YouTube video 1 | YouTube video 2 | ... Inside each of the "YouTube video" phrases is a hyperlink that...
  4. D

    Hyperlink - turn off edit vs go to web

    When I click hyperlinks in Pages document that I created, I always get the dialog box asking whether I want to edit or go to web. Any ideas on how to turn off this prompt and always go to web?