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icloud activation lock

  1. J

    Other sue apple for activation lock

    why isnt anyone sueing apple for icloud lock us justice sue them
  2. A


    I’m a bit ignorant but, as I understand it, you can use this app to protect files I.e. in iCloud by creating an encrypted vault (a feature Microsoft have on their cloud storage). Does anyone use Crypomator or similar apps? If so, what do you use it for and do you have any feedback please? Thanks,
  3. Svetlin

    Tons of perfectly usable Macs bricked!

    Recently i have starting looking into a potential issue about Apple's software design. I'm talking about iCloud's activation lock and how it affects Tons of usable machines! A refurbisher (@RDKLInc on twitter) has been sharing stories of numerous locked T2 enabled Intel Macs, and now even M1...
  4. C

    How to unlock apple icloud?

    Hello everyone. I have a phone repair center in Turkey. Many costumers come to my store and ask me "Can you unlock my icloud?". But I cant help them because I dont how to do that. Anyone can help me about this problem?
  5. H

    Removing ICloud lock from Iphones

    I was browsing our local internet shop earlier and noticed that there were some IPhones priced way below their actual value, but upon clicking I noticed that the phones were ICloud locked which got me wondering if there is anyway an icloud lock can be removed, because trust me seeing an iphone...
  6. J

    Unlock iCloud lock

    Hello! I would need help ? I have iPhone SE (first generation) what have iCloud lock and is unactived. I dont know who was previous user so I have been tried to remove that iCloud lock. iPhone have ios 15.2 because I was stupid when first updated it before I knew it wasnt smartest idea! ? I have...
  7. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 5.1 and Apple Locked from Hell

    Hello, all. I have a MP 5.1 running on 10.14 with a RX580 (unflashed), I updated the procs to 3.46, 12 cores, things were running smoothly, there is no filevault or encrypted DD. I traveled along with my 2 kids and left my pregnant wife home (she cannot travel)and decided to lock my mac from...
  8. ezoolander33

    Best way to load custom Ipsw??

    Hello I recently bought a iPhone 4 from eBay for cheap and was informed it was icloud locked and like the idiot I am decided to take that on as a challenge to see if I could restore full or most of the usage back to it I don't really care about cell service but it would be a plus to have the...
  9. T

    iPhone icloud and passcode help

    Okay, so I recently bought a pair of iPhone 6 online, but when I received them, they were both passcode locked and had find my iPhone activated. My question is, is there any way I can factory reset the phones or without hitting the dreaded activation lock? Thanks!
  10. A

    iPad mini Is it possible to remove Icloud activation lock on iPad mini 2

    Forgotten Apple ID , thought restoring it would remove the ID , restored it only to get it locked