1. A

    iPhone SE Help identify small rubber part in Iphone 5s/SE

    Anyone know here these parts go? I was replacing front screen and it probably came of either camera or home button. Its a bout 3mm wide and 2mm high Thx!!
  2. CodeSpyder

    Weird Response: Unable to Verify your identity. Please try again.

    I go to and when I try to log in with my Apple ID and password, I immediately get "Unable to Verify your identity. Please try again." even before two-factor authentication. When I try logging in with an incorrect password, I get "Your Apple ID or password was incorrect." It's...
  3. Avenged110

    Identifying devices connected to my network

    So I've been trying to figure this out but haven't found anything that could explain it to me in a way that I could understand. Forgive me if this should be obvious; I couldn't figure it out. If I have a LAN with some devices connected over Wi-Fi to an AirPort Time Capsule and others to a...
  4. bijutoha

    Font Identification

    Hello, I'm looking for the font used in the Watch that I've included below. Can you please help me?