imac 2018

  1. russkn87

    New iMac for 4K Video Editing - £2500 Budget

    Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new iMac 27", with a budget of around £2,500. It will be used for video editing in Final Cut Pro X. Video footage will be from UAVs & a Lumix GH5 in 4K. I'm patiently waiting for the 2018 to be announced, but in the meantime trying to figure out what the...
  2. I

    iMac Pro i Will buy a iMac Pro, or should i wait until June 2018?

    Hello. I have been debating back and forth with myself about buying a iMac Pro or wait until June 2018 for news. But I think I've decided, but please tell me if i am stupid. - Base model iMac Pro. Nothing added. vs - New 2018 iMac 5K, maxed out. Last one would of course be if there would be a...