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indesign cc

  1. LurkNoMore

    Mo’ cMP Radeon, Mo’ Problems: InDesign “HiDPI” Reqs, specifically…

    TL;DR: Now that I’ve upgraded my Sierra cMP from GT120 to RX 580, I was so eager to “enable GPU Performance” in 2019 CC InDesign. Y'know, the same way I can "enable GPU Performance" in 2019 CC PhotoShop and Illustrator. Alas... no. Adobe requires an “HiDPI" monitor to be tethered to my cMP/RX...
  2. Z

    Indesign : same width for all boxes... fast

    Is it possible to set one width to set multiple text boxes in Indesign? Say for example that i have 3 text boxes of different width, is it possible to select them all and set just one width setting so they can all be changed simultaneously?