1. christiann

    OS X Leopard (or Leopard Beta) on G3/G4 Unsupported Macs: Complete 2020 Guide!

    Hi all. I’m Christian! This is THE COMPLETE UNOFFICIAL 2020 GUIDE with UPDATES! on how to get the Leopard Beta Build 9A241 on your G3/G4! *I used part of suneohair’s guide on the long line for the return true/false. Credit to them for that. I have found all of the data for this through tons of...
  2. brammmmmlam

    Frustrating problem

    So I just bought a new macbook air. I downloaded google chrome, I had to drag the chrome icon into my applications folder and now there is an 'installer' icon from chrome on my desktop. I wanted to delete this or drag it into antoher folder but it's just impossible. Even when I look with finder...
  3. organicCPU

    How to obtain most universal macOS High Sierra installer / complete USB installer thumb drive?

    This is a question to other macOS collectors. So far I was able to cherish an operating system archive. My backup strategy usually consists at least of: 1.) a freshly from the MAS downloaded zip compressed macOS Installer app, stored on an external disk drive 2.) an installer thumb drive for...
  4. C

    HS APFS on external USB drive doesn't boot on some macs

    So, I had a 2012 MBP with an M500 SSD drive formatted APFS with High Sierra running fine. I removed the drive and put it in an external USB3.0 enclosure. I've found that this drive is not seen and won't boot by a 2010 13" MBP and a Late 2013 15" rMBP but WILL BE SEEN AND BOOT by an Early 2013...
  5. E

    How to remove installer on write locked SSD and boot normal ?

    Is there anything I can do to prevent booting into the installer? My OWC Aurora SSD is "write locked" and macOS High Sierra upgrade cannot proceed despite multiple restarts. Same problem if boot from a macOS High Sierra USB flash drive. I tried booting to single user mode and deleting the...
  6. D

    Can anyone verify that the size in bytes of my "Install OS X" file is legitimate?

    Once I've purchased a new internal hard drive for my Mac Pro 4,1 to use to create a clone backup of the boot drive, and I'm satisfied that the cloning process has been successful, I want to upgrade my OS from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Mavericks 10.9.5. [I'm very aware how out of date / deprecated...
  7. casperes1996

    Three different InstallAssistants

    For the macOS installer app, under Contents/MacOS, there are three different InstallAssistant executables that seemingly look the same. Does anybody know the difference between InstallAssistant InstallAssistant_plain and InstallAssistant_springboard? Thanks!
  8. AmazingHenry

    Modifying Leopard Installer

    I'm currently experimenting with different methods for my Leopard install with updates/apps. One thing I'd like to try is modifying the installer itself, so that you can install with the default Leopard installer and use the Setup Assistant. However, I can't figure out how to do this, and the...
  9. P

    Installer App not working

    I am using an iMac with El Capitan. OS software is all up to date. I cannot open downloaded apps any longer so I presume has been corrupted. Can anybody tell me how I can re-install that app?
  10. B

    Adobe Photoshop installer can't initialize on MacBook mid 2010

    I have been trying to download different versions of Photoshop, however no matter what I do the installer always fails to initialize. I have deleted the dmg and redownloaded it as well as downloading a new file. I have even uninstalled flash and tried using the Adobe app cleaner but nothing...
  11. kirkbross

    Downloading El Capitan is like eating nails

    I have El Capitan installed. However, I want to download the El Cap installer, make a bootable thumb drive and install it clean on a new SSD. In the App store, I can initiate a download (I *think*??) but have no way of knowing if it's download or not, other than an endlessly spinning progress...
  12. Avenged110

    Safari 7.1.8.pkg download?

    So my external SSD broke and I lost a few files I was hours away from backing up. One of those files was my Safari 7.1.8 installer (the last version for Mavericks before they jumped to 9.x and changed some visual elements). The direct download links from Apple's servers are dead, as with every...