internet radio

  1. D

    Internet Radio in Music

    There used to be an "Internet Radio" section in the iTunes sidebar; how do I find those without an Apple Music subscription. I can access the ones I placed in a playlist, but I cant find the master list. I'm currently on Catalina, but will have BigSur on my M1.
  2. ntlman

    Anyone else notice major commercial stations are now removed...

    My 2 favorite commercial FM radio stations, LA's 106.7 KROQ and Chicago's 93XRT, both used to be accessible via iTunes internet radio and Apple TV's Radio app. I would stream them both to my Apple TV and listen through my stereo since my radio reception is not great. As of yesterday, I noticed...
  3. Glockworkorange

    Missing iTunes Feature in Catalina

    There’s a feature in iTunes and maybe I am alone in using it, but I’d like to know if it’s in Catalina also. Internet radio. I’m betting it’s gone from the music app, but can anyone confirm?