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ios 13 public beta

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  1. Nick Bedsole

    iPhone Can’t Use Spotify with Siri

    So I saw the other day that you can FINALLY use Spotify with Siri as long as you had the most recent beta, and I knew I did. I tried it and it didn’t work. So I looked and my Spotify needed updating, updated, still wouldn’t work. I updated to iOS 13.1.2 (I think?) today and I tried again, it...
  2. Y

    Can’t add Apple Card to Apple Watch

    I’m on iOS 13 Public Beta 6 and Watch OS 5.3. When I open the Watch app, click Wallet and Apple Pay, then click Add Card I get the screen to scan the new card. I can’t scan the Apple Card however, so I click Enter Card Details Manually. Now I can add the card number I get from the ‘Card...
  3. Jason_G

    iPhone iOS 13 public beta 7 with non beta WatchOS (5.3) & macOS Mojave (10.14.6)

    Hi, I'd really like to check out the latest iOS public beta, but I'm concerned (based on reading in some places) that there remain issues when expecting things to work well with non beta WatchOS (5.3) & macOS Mojave (10.14.6) devices. As an example, my understanding is that Reminders will no...
  4. Ernst Krenek

    All Devices My iMessages crash recipient’s app

    I reluctantly bring this to your attention – I have searched for solutions to the best of my meagre abilities and haven’t found it mentioned – sorry if it has been. I’m on latest iOS 13 public beta. From Tuesday onwards, one of my contacts all of a sudden couldn’t open iMessages from me. The...
  5. Twisters364

    iPhone IOS 13 Public Beta 3 - Group Messaging

    I have been searching everywhere but I feel like I may be the only one having issues with Group Messaging, especially when there is someone with an android phone. All messages come in direct to me and the other contacts receive direct messages from me. I am unable to participate in the Group...
  6. I

    iPhone IOS 13 Pub Beta - High ICloud drive usage

    Hope someone can help me with this. Iphone 7 Plus 32 gb on iOS 13 Pub Beta. I use the same Apple ID on two phones. The Iphone 7 plus is for messing around with betas Noticed that Icloud drive usage has gone up by a huge amount on iOS 13 Pub Beta whereas on the other phone (same Apple ID, ioS...