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ios 13.2

  1. S

    iPhone Is Apple fixing Mail in iOS 13? I still need to do everything twice.

    Adding to what I'm sure are the many complaints about Mail in iOS 13 being a glitchy mess. First off, I removed and deleted every single account on my phone, deleted the Mail app, and did a hard restart. Then I re-added all my mail accounts. The problems are still exactly the same. Basically I...
  2. J

    All Devices PSA: Do NOT Use Live Listen w/ Beats Solo Pro

    I just got my Beats Solo Pro two hours ago and I LOVE them so far. However, I came across a major issue that I suspect is software related. I wanted to test out the Live Listen feature (which you can enable from the Control Center) with the Beats Solo Pro. I’ve only tested this feature out with...
  3. ScrumpyDaniel

    iPhone Announce messages not working

    Hey, Updated to iOS 13.2 and enabled announce messages but nothing happens when i receive a message with my AirPod 2's connected. Have tried uninstalling the Airpod's and re-connecting but nothing. The only thing I hear is a sound as if Siri was about to announce the message but then I get...
  4. Stuey3D

    iPhone Does Deep Fusion work with digital zoom?

    Hi all, can anyone testing the 13.2 beta on an iPhone 11 series device test to see if Deep Fusion works with digital zoom. From reading up about Deep Fusion it will work in medium to low light settings (mainly indoor photography) and will work on both the Telephoto and Main lenses on the Pro...