1. torakaru

    iPhone Are you also suffering some kind of slightly overheating in iPhone 6s after iOS 12?

    Hi Folks, After updating my iPhone 6s from iOS10.3.3 to iOS12, even I got a faster response of it (no complains about it), I'm also suffering some kind of slightly overheating in the back (SoC area) when no so high performance apps: like switching between apps, writting a bit and watching some...
  2. blackxacto

    10.5” iPad Pro and charging

    Suddenly the past two days, when I plug my pad into the bedroom bed wall socket cord, the pad won’t charge. I took the pad to another room, plugged into that room’s cord, the pad starts charging. I plugged into a third wall socket moving the original bedroom cord from the bedroom and the pad...
  3. L

    iPhone 3rd Party apps keep on asking me for my apple id password

    This bug has been doing my head in since this afternoon and every time I open any 3rd party app, it asks me to put my password in. I logged out of the app store (I was trying to find a workaround) to try if it was gonna fix the problem, but to no avail, I still kept on entering the password...