1. H

    iPhone Download iOS 13.7

    Is there any way I can download iOS 13.7? I’m not a fan of iOS 14 so I don’t want to get it. 13.7 is the farthest I’ll go for now. I’m on 13.1 currently.
  2. H

    iPhone Verification failed.

    Verification failed. There was an error connecting to the server It happens that I am connected to the internet through the sim card. with The wireless network is no problem. Cellular data - everything is checked what can it be? tnx
  3. F

    How can I stop my iMac to connect an iPhone on BT?

    hi all, So I have an iMac with 10.15.1 and we have multiple iPhone's at home. Frequently my iMac connects my wife's iPhone which makes the handoff impossible and I have to manually disconnect. I have tried to clear the list, reset the BT module, forget all the devices etc, but no luck. Anything...
  4. StylinGirl

    iPhone X iPhone X camera quality degraded after update

    Anyone else notice a degraded quality to photos after updating to iOS 13? Lens struggles to focus and everything is less sharp.
  5. K

    iPhone Control Center and Notifications not working since iOS 13 on iPhone X

    This has been driving me crazy trying to find a solution to this issue. Ever since updating to iOS13 my control center and notifications do not work anymore when the worked before the update just fine. I search for solutions, did all the typical troubleshoots and to no avail. I know it is not...
  6. S

    iPhone Mail app on ios 13 missing functionality from ios 12

    Hi guys, The ios 12 and earlier Mail app had quick access buttons on the bottom of an email comprising : Flag Move to Folder Delete Reply Compose As shown in this screenshot: In ios13 these have been reduced to: Reply Delete How can I get the icons back? The defaults...
  7. E

    CarPlay 2018 Nissan Leaf apple carplay is SLOW after ios 13 update

    Hello, New to this forum here and would appreciate anyone's input. My Leaf's carplay was working perfect before the new IOS update but since updating to ios 13.1, when I plug in my phone, carplay is absolutely slow and freezing. Can't even load maps or make a call or play music. I tried...
  8. ben428

    iPhone Running Timed Personal Automations without Asking

    When I read about Personal Automations, my first thought was, "I can finally set a different Do Not Disturb schedule on weekends and weekdays!" But I can't seem to get it to work. I created an automation that sets Do Not Disturb to off at the desired time, but at that time, instead of running...
  9. S

    iPhone Pictures in iMessages missing!

    Has anyone else had an issue with this? I bought an 11 Pro Max and have now restored it 3 times hoping my pictures in imessages will show up in the info view (when you press on someones name from the top of the message and press info) so i could see all pictures sent at once. The pictures are...
  10. W

    iPhone iMessage search issue 13.1 (and 13.0)

    I'm having a search issue on imessage where I can no longer type in a phone number and bring up a previous conversation. My text messages are the key to income in my industry (sales) where most of our contacts text first. Not being able to search by their number is throwing me a curve ball...
  11. P

    iPhone iOS 13.1 Unable to check for update (11 Pro)

    I’m on 13.0, but I am not able to update OTA to 13.1 on my 11 Pro. I already hard reset and toggled wifi on and off but issue persists. I don’t have a computer. Anyone else with same issue?
  12. O

    All Devices HomePod set alarm with podcast iOS 13.1 iPadOS 13.1

    Hi, How can I set a alarm with my HomePod that can play my podcast? Thanks
  13. PhillyGuy72

    iPad iPad SMS will not send. (Message to iDevices users ok)

    Someone else pointed this out and I tried this on iPad. If I attempt to send SMS via iPad 13.1, - a NON-iPhone/ Apple user - the message will hang for 5-10 minutes, eventually I'll receive a "No Delivered." However, I did not have this issue with iPhone (running 13.1)
  14. M115CLE

    ATV Multiple Users

    Is anyone else finding that their ATV had multiple users of themselves? it refers you to Home App to remove users but the Home App is perfect just the TV which has my account 5 times. if anyone knows a fix I’d appreciate it.
  15. I

    iPhone Location Based Automations- iOS 13.1 PB1

    Did anyone get this working? e.g. Turn something ON/OFF when the device enters or exits a location? I am trying to get this set up. Strangely I found that iOS will notify if the automation is about to run but NOT run it. I had to tap on the notification and select run. Its an Automation...