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ipados 13.1

  1. AutomaticApple

    All iPads Fernando Silva - YouTuber with an Extreme love for iPadOS

    His channel has tons of videos about iPadOS, the iPad Pro (iPads in general too), accessories, and much more. See for yourself.
  2. RoninBarber

    iPad Safari Is Not Working Right

    Hello, I have a 2018 9.7 Inch IPad. Ever since IPadOS came out safari has not worked right. It constantly reloads websites, even if I use the mobile site. It’s really annoying me. Any ideas? If I can’t figure it out I’ll find a different browser.
  3. F

    iPad 9,7" 2018 battery drain with iPadOS 13

    Anyone else experiencing battery draining or at least battery lasting sensibly less in comparison to iOS 12 on their iPad? Some minutes ago I checked notifications on my iPad, spending 10 minutes, and the battery status passed from 30% to 23%. Prior to the update I can remember it lasting even 3...
  4. KenEck2009

    All Devices Sorry ignore me - Home-Sharing iOS 13 and iPadOS 13?

    Update: My Mac needed waking up, D'Oh! :) Sorry if this has been discussed, but I could not find a solution here or on the Apple website (last uodated July 15, so does not include iOS13) Does anyone know how to find home-sharing on their iPhone/iPad since upgrading to 13? I am signed into...
  5. rhaezorblue

    All iPads iPad Air 2 - iPadOS 13.1.1 will not join WiFi and acting sluggish

    Our iPad Air 2 is acting strange after updating to 13.1 and then 13.1.1 right after. Now it won’t connect to any WiFi networks. Our other iPad are fine. Several iPhones are fine. Tried power cycling the device, reset network settings, still no luck. Even tried having it connect to my iPhone...
  6. RiderX

    iPad Can you access SMB drives from Files app?

    SMB server is running and I can access it from Documents app (Readle). Guest account, no password. But no success with Files app. I tried all kind of configs. Is this broken in 13.1?
  7. nkarafo

    iPad Pro iPadOS 13.1 on iPad Pro 2016 (1st gen) 9.7 performance

    Hello! I have an ipad pro 2016 and I would like to know how is the performance with iPadOS 13.1 Games have any lag? What is the size of the OS installed? I have 32gb only and I fear that it will be 10-15gb just the OS.. Thank you!