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iphone 10r

  1. Racineur

    iPhone XS XS and XR for same price. What to do?

    Hello to you all. My provider ion Canada has brand new iPhone XS and iPhone XR 64g for 20$ (22,98 with taxes) for a 2 years contract. That would be 552 $ CDN at the end of the contract. Much less that those used I was looking for. Here, XS 64g is between 675$ and even (stupid I know) 1000$. XR...
  2. Vbmalek

    iPhone XR Screen Water Damage HELP!

    My phone got splashed with water 18hrs ago. The screen looks like this now. The screen has to transparent blue spots in the right side and it appears as grainy, smudged all over the upper screen. It is also dimmed and has a bright line at the bottom of the screen. Has this happened to you...
  3. Kyle023

    iPhone XR All of Iphone X, XS, XR, XS max have a multitouch issue

    Hello. I'm an user of Iphone XR in South Korea. Recently I found that all of Iphone series from Iphone 6s to XS max have an error on its touch screen. This touch error appears especially when you use software keyboard. While you keep touching middle line in the keyboard such as "ASDFGHJKL"...