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iphone 10s max

  1. E

    iphone microphone question

    does putting EarPods that have there mic broken stop anyone my IPhones microphones from being used including the government?
  2. G

    iPhone XS Max Refractions or Reflections in videos on iPhone X Max

    Are any other folks having anomalies appear in videos? Its almost as if the internal lens mechanism is reflecting or refracting light as the video is recorded. Check out the two videos as examples.. one from a Monastery in Spain and the other of some soccer fans singing... Monastery -...
  3. Kyle023

    iPhone XR All of Iphone X, XS, XR, XS max have a multitouch issue

    Hello. I'm an user of Iphone XR in South Korea. Recently I found that all of Iphone series from Iphone 6s to XS max have an error on its touch screen. This touch error appears especially when you use software keyboard. While you keep touching middle line in the keyboard such as "ASDFGHJKL"...