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  1. C

    My iPhone 12 pro max 6.7 case had arrived

    Order from eBay 2 weeks ago , .This year version are bit thinker (it has Normad Rugged case feel) Let me know what you guy think , I'am big fan of their case with camera cover . Note =iPhone pro max 11 on the right .
  2. nick_iphone7

    iPhone Case

    Can anyone tell me which brand this case is or help me find it?
  3. Nanda Risky

    Iphone X Spigen Clear Cases

    Hey! so I wanna buy a Spigen Clear Case for my iPhone X, but i don’t know which case to buy. Options: 1) Ultra Hybrid Crystal 2) Rugged Crystal 3) Neo Hybrid Crystal 4) Liquid Crystal Does anyone know which of the cases above that provides the best protection on: 1) Camera; so it doesn’t scratch...