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iphoto library

  1. FlyingToasterStrudel

    iPhoto library to library migration – best strategies?

    Hello and thanks in advance for any help. I am faced with two different situations where I wish to upgrade/migrate an existing iPhoto library to, and I'd like some advice on best practices before I proceed. SCENARIO ONE This one is the more straightforward of the two. On the...
  2. L

    iPhone Major difference between iPhoto file size across devices

    On my ipad the iPhoto size is 1.06gb. On my iPhone it is 8.8gb. Both devices are set to optimise local storage and keep hi res files in the cloud. How in the world can I sort this out??
  3. alexstrider18

    iPhoto upload big sur MacBook Pro M1

    Hi, I tried to upload a few photos to FB through safari on my laptop and I was only able to access iCloud and the desktop ! So I thought if I go to the Photo app I should be able to share my pics from their instead of copy paste onto my desktop or into the iCloud folder , just to upload from the...
  4. A

    iPhoto & Photos library

    I recently moved my entire iPhoto library to Photos and now I have two photolibary files: one for iPhoto and one for Photos. Both are 70+ GB. My MacBook only has a 250GB hard drive and is 9 years old, I'd like to free up some disk space. I know that for some files Photos links back to the...
  5. LillaK

    Resolved All photos duplicated

    Hi all, A few hours ago, I had about 6000 items (photos+videos) in the IPhone library. (I tried to delete 3 photos, which was unsuccessful, because it’s a common glitch I find when my storage is low.) I opened it again in 30 mins, and saw that every single item had been duplicated + plus some...
  6. D

    What's my Photos library size and how do I get it into iCloud?

    How do I determine the actual size of my Photos library? I've got a 144GB iPhoto library and a 161GB Photos library on my hard drive, suggesting 300GB of Photos. But within the Photos app, Info says I have 113GB GB of photos. Photos uploaded 80GB of photos into my 200GB iCloud family account...
  7. Z

    to choose iPhoto library

    I upgraded Snow Leopard to ElCapitan and when I run Photo, It's required to choose library among these 3 ones: iPhoto library (last change: today) /users/myuser/Pictures/iPhoto Library (25 GB - type Photo Library) other (last change: xx/xx/2013) /users/myuser/desktop/other (13 GB - type Photo...
  8. W

    Migrating from iPhoto to... what?

    I have an iPhoto library that contains about 65,000 images. I rely heavily on iPhoto's proprietary features, and have been since I started using the first version of iPhoto when Apple released it well over a decade ago. Apple's concept of a well-designed "digital shoebox" has proven itself...
  9. mikora7

    2004 (?) iMac holding photos hostage

    I'm sure this was discussed a decade ago but we are behind the times. LOL! All kidding aside, we have an old iMac, circa 2004. I have updated it to OS X but it can no longer update the OS and still has iPhoto. Everything I've read says to update the OS so iPhoto will convert photos into the...
  10. zackshapiro25

    Importing olden iPhoto Libraries into Photos for iCloud Sync

    I have a hard drive with a few old iPhoto libraries from backups of past Macs. I want to import them into iPhoto so they back up to my iCloud account. When I drag the icon into Photos, it asks if I want to switch libraries. I'm not sure if that's what I want to do. Does anyone have experience...
  11. S

    iPhoto Library gone - Instead it appears a normal folder with AlbumData.xml file

    My iPhoto library is gone. Attached you can see the folder I see now. I'm using iPhoto 9.6.1. I was using my iPhoto just fine, scrolling through the albums and suddenly the albums started to turn grey and iPhoto quitted. When I when to the iPhoto Library package it was gone, replaced by a...